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Every entrepreneur has his or her own vision, approach and goals when entering a foreign market. You too will certainly have your own strategy for international growth. IBG offers a broad package of services which will, in consultation with you, be adapted to your own strategy.
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IBG’s team of experienced consultants in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal is ready to serve you and help you achieve your goals.
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The market

The Iber Business Group is a full service business development bureau which specialises in Netherlands-Spain and Netherlands-Portugal lines of business and vice versa. IBG offers Dutch companies the opportunity of successfully entering into the Spanish and/or Portuguese markets. These constitute a market which combined has more than 50 million consumers and hundreds of thousands of companies which are ready and waiting for the quality Dutch companies have to offer.
Many companies have already found their way, but the opportunities which still exist for SMEs in particular are huge. In this the partners of IBG, each one working from its own professional field and having years of experience, offer the support which is necessary for successful entry into or doing hassle-free business in the Spanish and/or Portuguese markets.


Companies in various industries have already made use of IBG’s services. Projects and orders have together been taken up and carried out with the enthusiastic participation of all involved.
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The gateway to IBG
Your company will certainly benefit from consultation with IBG regarding the opportunities for expansion into the Spanish and/or Portuguese markets.
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IBG staff
All IBG’s partners have worked hard to establish themselves on the Iberian Peninsula. They know the way things work, understand the culture and have worked in a number of industries and regions. But the driving force behind all that they do is their love of the land and people. This is what motivates them to help Dutch companies to do business there successfully.
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IBG activities
You will find interesting information about Spain and Portugal on IBG’s activities and news page. This information is both general and occasionally industry-specific, and it includes news on events, special activities and IBG initiatives. You can also sign up for our newsletter there, thus ensuring that you stay abreast of opportunities for your company in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.
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